Thirty-two is a number that impresses me (and I my mom, too). Born in 1983, under the sign of Libra, I never spend many words to describe myself. I’m the kind of person who likes privacy, and who carefully weights every element. I’ve always loved elegant and discreet places, silence and true people. And that is why I chose to celebrate my birthday with a few close friends in a place that always makes me feel happy. I’m talking about the Excelsior Gallia Hotel, the historic hotel in Milan that has just reopened after a renovation that lasted many years. 235 rooms, including 53 suites and the one thousand square meter Katara Suite, it is the ideal place to stop for a moment and enjoy silence. Do not judge from appearance, a glass of sparkling wine at Gallia (as everybody calls it now) will cost you less than at some trivial bar in the area. If you want to have lunch or dinner, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of chef Lebano (the Milanese risotto is outstanding!). Desserts are excellent: for my birthday’s dinner, they prepared a pistachio, raspberry, caramel, salted butter and 70% dark chocolate mousse cake. It’s impossible to describe how delicious it was, but I hope you can imagine it by watching the video posted above! Special thanks to the Excelsior Gallia Hotel team for the professionalism with which they made me feel very welcome, thanks to Domenica, Federica and Sara for organizing my dinner at best, and to my wonderful friends for filling that day with joy.


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