Hi! I’m Anna Marconi, nice to meet you! Throughout my life I’ve had passions which lasted no longer than a flash of lightning, interests that vanished like socks when you throw them into the washing machine. I’ve known people than when you see them you say “WOW”, but when you talk to them, you regret not having stayed home doing the ironing. I’ve come through many ideas, some of which I’ve tried to develop, but the price to pay was to high and they’ ve disappeared, defying the laws of physics, at the speed of Flash. Then one day I realized that you just need a blessed moment to come to a conclusion. So I’ve started from the only things I had at my disposal: a quite good knowledge of fashion, a good dose of imagination and hope, dreams and creativity, the love for good cuisine. I mixed up all these elements for days, I left them rest for a few nights and I believed in them. That gave rise to the idea of ​​combining fashion and food, two worlds that have never coexisted before.

Taste of Runway is an act of design, born on an apparently quiet day. But if I think about that, that afternoon was not an ordinary one. It was time for Taste of Runway, an affair of the heart created to share the pleasure of life and give a different taste to fashion. That special taste that can be found only in the kitchen, where every ingredient creates magic, and stories of flavors and people merge together.  In the Taste factory we do research, we cook, we take pictures and, lastly, we eat.

Taste of Runway is a story of happiness,

between an outfit and a recipe!

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Taste of Runway declares itself as the owner of  the pictures of food, but not of the pictures of fashion shows, which belong to the agency Gorunway.