I have been collecting vintage magazines for a long time. My favourite photo ever is the one in an old Vogue issue that I carefully keep on my bookshelf. Jacqueline Kennedy wearing an evening dress, sandals and a trench coat tight at her waist. She is simple, elegant and refined. Another Vogue issue features the unique Jane Birkin also wearing a trench coat, jeans, ballet flats, and a straw purse, and she looks totally spontaneous. In between elegant and sporty, it is an essential garment for the midseason and definitely a must have in everyone’s closet. Intellectual and precise, it is both timeless and genderless. I’m talking about the trench coat, the iconic raincoat that was invented in 1930 as a garment for the English army (literally a “trench” coat), but that would soon free itself from any military connotations to accompany the London city life and become a true men and women’s fashion icon in the 40s. Movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot started wearing it in its masculine version. Later on, Marilyn Monroe, with her deep sensuality, made it extremely feminine and the trench coat started to be worn by all women with a hint of ambiguity.

Greta-Garbo-Marlene-Dietrich-trench Trench-brigitte-bardot

Yves Saint Laurent bet everything on this garment, launching it in 1965 as a feminine symbol taken from a man’s wardrobe, exactly like its beloved tuxedo and pinstriped suits. Remember Catherine Deneuve in the movie Belle de Jour by Luis Bunuel? She is beautiful and perverse and she wears a trench coat, which would become a little later the sexy symbol of those years. It was perfect and it became so for many women. Over the years, this garment has undergone several changes and it was developed in many different ways: extremely sexy, shiny leather, suede, gabardine, lace, and vinyl, but the image that will remain in everyone’s mind forever is that of the classic khaki cotton trench coat that wraps tightly around the woman with its lapels and squeezes her gently with the belt, giving her a certain elegance. I always wear it in this season and it has the power to make me feel elegant, yet informal, it covers me and protects me from the wind and rain. A precious garment, to be treated with care, and Miele knows this so well that it created the waterproofing program, which combined with a specific detergent, is able to return the fabric to its water-repellent original state, protecting it from water and wind. And as everyone likes to be eco-friendly, there is also the practical solution with capssingle-dose detergents, which do not force us to purchase large bottles for occasional washings or treatments dedicated to special fabrics or treatments. And if it is true that having a trench coat implies it to be well ironed, the “Steam refresh” program is the new black. It refreshes your garments but also smooths out wrinkles. Almost a kind of spa treatment for your clothes that removes smoke or restaurant odors. You have been to dinner at Aunt Assunta’s and you smell as if you had cooked eggplant parmigiana yourself? You spent 10 minutes at your neighbor’s place and that was long enough to make you smell as the vegetable soup that she was cooking? You went to eat at your favorite fusion restaurant and you feel like a walking fried surimi? Then “Steam refresh” is what you need. Repeat it like a mantra. Easier said and done.

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